Awesome Artist No. 1 – Olly Moss

So here’s the first entry in the awesomeshstart awesome artist series. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I will be looking at a different artist/illustrator/designer/dino-wrangler, giving some brief info and links to where more of their craft can be found.

Today, I’ll be looking at Olly Moss, pretty much one of the biggest names in movie posters right now. Odds are though that, unless you frequently check movie news sties or what’s going on in posters, you probably have no idea who this is.

Mr. Moss uses simple styles and shapes, like a modern day Saul Bass, to capture a character, feeling, or just amazing imagery from a piece of media. In 2011, he hosted a show called Paper Cuts at the 1988 Gallery in LA. Recently, his The Dark Knight Rises poster was available for a one day only sale through Mondo, an Austin-based company that creates limited edition artwork for movies, albums, and more.

Olly Moss official site     Olly Moss official Blog     Olly Moss archive on Mondo



Spoilers shirt                    Boba Fett            The Dark Knight Rises        JOIN, or DIE.

Olly Moss has some really amazing artwork out there. Above you’ll find links to some of his official pages as well as a link to all of the items he’s done for Mondo in the past. If you have anyone you’d like to be featured in the Awesome Artist series, please let me know in the comments.



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