155 – Happy Raviolo…and Purchases?

Raviolo, as I learned today, is a single ravioli. Also, do you want this on a shirt, pillow, or as a framed piece to hang in your home? Starting today, I will be making the majority of the work seen on this site available for purchase. Click the “Purchase” link on the menu above to view all items I have for sale or click the small thumbnail, which will take you to that image’s specific page.

I will be adding more items each day.


If you have any that you would like made available sooner, please let me know and I will bump those to the top of the queue. Thanks for dropping by and viewing my work.



One thought on “155 – Happy Raviolo…and Purchases?

  1. I think the Raviolo is perfect. I feel like the font isn’t sitting right though. Maybe it could be something more playful and thicker? Maybe even something hand drawn style? or, at the very least, it should be moved further away from the illustration, seems a little too close.

    Hope that feedback helps. Good job and good luck with sales! :)

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