Eric Bennett is a freelance illustrator and designer located in Austin, Texas USA . He graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in Arts and Technology, (doodling + computers) and has been a contractor for hire since 2010.

In the past, he has worked as a graphic designer, video editor, animator, and instructor.

He is available for hire for illustration, commissions, drawings of superheroes or dinosaurs, and even _____ (insert your idea here). Just email Eric at ericbennett(dot)art@gmail(dot)com with your project specifications.


13 thoughts on “About

    • It is a pretty great city. I have actually applied to them (GSD&M) a few times since moving down here. Just saw the Voodoo Lounge entry on your site. Very cool.

  1. It is always nice to bump into fellow Texans. Especially when they are talented.
    Great stuff, I feel that one day we will be collaborating soon and you wont even know it.

  2. Hey Eric! Thanks for dropping by! Love your sketch blog, what a variety of characters :D. I’ve got a long way to go lol. Anyways, I’ll be sure to follow along :). Ciao!

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